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Spooktacular Halloween Activities

(1) Why not get the kids to collect firewood in the morning then light a camp in the garden and let them cook marshmallows to make s'mores it will keep the little ones warm and their bellies full!

(2)Get some apples and thread them with string. Hang them from a tree or clothes line or whatever else you can find make the children put their hands behind their backs! Gently swing the apples then make the children try to take a bite out of the apple without using their hands! It's great fun and the kids will love it.

(3) Sneak out and hide some candy apples or sweets or scary spiders give your kids a torch and let them go on a hunt to see who can find the Halloween goodies!

(4)Get the pumpkins out and let the child's creativity go wild carve out scary faces then place their torch inside to light face up kids are ready for scaring the neighbours. Younger tots can draw with marker.

(5) Costumes on and the pumpkins carved take the children round the neighbours singing trick or treat watch their little faces beam when they see all the goodies in their bags.

(6) Check with your local council or large shopping centers to see if their hosting a fireworks display but please remember to obey covid guidelines and stay safe!.

(7) Hit the Witch...or Ghost...or Vampire.. This one is so much fun! Buy a pinata. Give it a festive makeover! Then let the kids loose trying to get out the goodies!

(8) While the kids are engrossed in the fun serve them up a lovely cup of hot chocolate to keep the cold at bay while they are sipping their drink please take lots of photos to save as a memory of a spooktacular night.

9. Now is the time to turn on your torch and turn off the lights.🔦 place it under your chin and tell your best Halloween scary story🤞 Banshees, Fairies,the Gruffalo...the scarier the better!

10. Finally get the kids into their PJs and time for bed! Night night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite...GULP!

Then pat yourself on the back! You did a great job and gave them a night to remember!

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