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Join the Outdoor Mums Challenge NOW!!!

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Last year we challenged our community to walk, skip, hop and jump the distance around the world in 80 days! A challenge which helped families to connect, inspire one another to get outdoors and helped our community make friends and raise money!

Not only did we raise over £400 for refugee kits, which were donated to families most in need in Northern Ireland! Kindly distributed by Smile Surestart…

We managed to walk around the world collectively (a whopping 33,901 miles) in just 72 days! We are challenging our community to join us in 2022 for our second around the world in 80 days event and we would love for all our families wherever you are from to join in! As always the event is free to join. Every Friday, we will post a thread on Outdoor Mums U.K. main group asking how many miles you managed to walk outside with your family and friends! Simply add up how many miles your family walked collectively and post it under the thread! (Wheelchairs, buggy and sling miles count too!) We will tally how far we have travelled that week and update everyone with which country we have reached! During the event, we will invite our community to post pictures or videos to inspire one another and we will be posting our own adventures too! We also have a fundraising link we will post when the event begins, which you are welcome to share or donate to if you wish to ask family & friends for sponsorship for your around the world adventure to raise money for incredible causes at the same time! If you want to sign up and start the new year by doing something incredible and getting outdoors in nature with the family, please join us on Facebook via our official event page.

And don't forget to download our FREE Activity and scavenger hunt sheets below to keep your little adventurers entertained on their journey.

Round the World Resources
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