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Incredible places you won't believe exist!

Nature is remarkable and here in Britain and Ireland we have some of the most stunning natural phenomenons in the world.

From hills that appear to defy gravity, to beaches that literally glow at night.

Here is my round up of the best, must-see, locations...

Countless generations of sailors give warning about this MaelStrom which has captured the imagination of countless authors.

They describe how the ocean would open up and swallow fleets and boats whole; drowning any unlucky soul to cross this stretch of ocean and condemning them to Davey Jone's locker.

I'm talking, of course, about The Gulf of Corryvreckan - off the coast of Scotland.

The third largest whirlpool in the world - the roar from this remarkable tempest can be heard up to ten miles away and reach speeds as fast as 16km per hour!

Many local boats offer tours of the whirlpools to daring families who are brave enough to explore its splendour; A perfect maritime experience for little sailors.

The petrification well is a popular tourist location. Anything that touches the water for long enough is said to turn to stone!

Of course that was before they discovered the true reason for this unique phenomenon. A high mineral content in the water means that an item can be petrified in three to five months.

Shoes, bicycles and teddy bears are amongst the eclectic mixture of items that have been left to become stone.

This next awe-inspiring natural wonder doesn't need any introduction and can be spied in the north of Scotland.

The Northern Lights are said to be most stunning natural light show in the world.

In some cultures, it is believed these lights symbolize the spirits of our ancestors celebrating life, reminding us that we are all part of creation and guiding us to ancient teachings.

Aurorae come in all colours, shapes and patterns, setting the night sky alive with rainbows of light. These mystical lights really are a once in a lifetime sight to behold for parents and children alike. The science behind these light shows is just as awe inspiring.

The northern lights are not the only spectacular night time light show...

The coasts of Devon, England and Fountainstown beach in Ireland, are home to some very remarkable organisms called Bioluminescent algae.

These remarkable creatures are neither plant animal or fungai and have the most incredible defence mechanism in the world.

When touched they release a luminous chemical which quickly fades.

In the Summer, when the algea has bloomed, they transform the beaches at night as they glow in the dark - perfectly non toxic and safe, but stunning to behold, it has delighted locals and tourists who enjoy midnight boat trips and strolls along the shoreline to watch the algae dance with the waves.

These next unbelievable locations will have you questioning everything you ever learned in school about gravity!

Everything that you place at the bottom of these bazaar hills will seemingly roll uphill completely on its own - from balls, to bikes, to lorries!

Local legend suggests it is the work of fairies, but this strange optical illusion will have your children believing in magic.

You have to see it to believe it.

These hills are found in various locations across the UK but the largest and most famous hill is The Electric Brae in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Another location that appears to defy the laws of nature, Sruth an Aghaidh an Aird, found in CO.Sligo, Ireland is aptly named in English ‘the stream that flows backwards’ or the ‘Devils Chimney’.

This dazzling waterfall and river usually dries up during warm spells. But in wet weather, the river fills and the waterfall appears almost by magic.

When the wind blows from a southern direction, it lifts the water back up the mountain over the cliff and the water will not fall.

We started our list in Scotland and so it is only fair we end there for the final destination.

They say every landscape has a story to tell.

Every footstep could tell one.

But what if the land could whisper?

What would it sound like ?

What stories would it tell?

Well, this breathtaking location cannot whisper, but on the island of Islay, the sand can sing!

Singing sands are a rare and delicate phenomenon.

It is thought that dust and pollution can stop them from singing. Some sand is made to sing by wind, some sand sings when it is walked on.

There is only a small number of locations world wide where the earth sings with its ancient sounds.

So, thats my round up of incredible places to visit in the UK and Ireland!

Where would you like to visit first?

By Ciara-Louise Crowder

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