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Hello - this is me!

I joined forces with Outdoor Mums back in May but life got in the way and I've only just managed to keep my little business ticking over, so I haven't got around to introducing myself here until now.

I'm Amanda, I'm mum to 3 grown up outdoor enthusiasts (one of whom has just joined me in my business), grandma to a 4 year-old who always wants to be outdoors and wife to a tree-hugging husband who is Ancient Tree measurer for our local country park, Bradgate (Lady Jane Grey's childhood home).

I'm an almost-retired primary school teacher (I still teach Home Ed classes online one day a week) and I am also an Ex-Guide Guider. I started Mud Larks just after first lockdown - that pandemic started many businesses - with activities I'd made up for my grandson and his 'cousins' who were then 6 and 9. They were 'bubbled', so needed to play together. I realised that my teacher skill of differentiation meant that I could write 3 different but similar activities to suit all 3 ages and Mud Larks was born. So if you have a range of ages, check us out.

The activities I plan are physical, creative, nature based and easy to set up making the most of things found outdoors. You'll find fine motor skills activities, science activities and the occasional maths or literacy focussed activity too. There are some free examples of activities in our Facebook group in the guides tab. Or you can find our books and all about our membership at

In the meantime, here's a bug spotters guide for you...

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