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Connecting with Nature Indoors

Mother Nature is wonderfully soothing.

You don't always have to be outdoors to enjoy its splendor or have fun.

Just because you are indoors, it doesn't mean you cannot connect with nature.

Here’s a round up of 10 ways you can enjoy nature from home.

1. Bring the outdoors in

There are lots of ways you can introduce nature into your home. You could buy indoor plants and hang canvases of your favourite locations.

Placing plants in our homes is the easiest way to bring the outdoor in and it is an excellent way to reconnect with nature.

Live plants will not only purify the air, they will also promote a happy, peaceful atmosphere.

A pop of greenery should especially be incorporated in spaces where we go to take a break.

2. Buy a small pet or adopt an outdoor friend

Pets are wonderful companions; they are affectionate, loyal and bring joy.

If you take time to bond and look after them, they will fill your day with so much fun.

Even small pet budgies can learn to play and talk and bring something extra special to their caregivers.

Of course, if you choose not to have pets, or it is not possible for you, you can always welcome wildlife into your garden if you have one. Bird feeders, bee hotels and flowers are effective ways to attract wildlife into your garden.

It’s lovely just to sit with a nice cuppa at your window, relax and watch your wildlife visitors.

3. Start a herb kitchen

If you love cooking, then nothing will bring you more joy than a herb kitchen.

Basil, rosemary, thyme, parsley, mint and so many more.

These kitchen must haves are not only incredibly tasty, but so easy to look after indoors. You can grow herbs in any size kitchen.

They will add that extra special punch to your meal and a sense of pride knowing you helped look after the plants.

4. Break your daily habits

It’s too easy to wake up and reach for your phone or sit in front of the TV if you have a free day.

Incredibly, small changes to your morning have shown to have a wonderful impact on mental health.

Open all your curtains and windows in the morning, allowing natural light and air to flood your home.

Listen to the birds. The RSPB has some great resources to help identify the birds you hear.

If it’s raining, take your cuppa to the door or window and listen to the rain.

Take just 10 minutes in the morning to practice mindfulness.

If you have a garden, why not sit outside with an uplifting book and spend some time in the fresh air.

5. Nature crafts and journaling

Nature crafts are an engaging activity that can bring joy and a sense of achievement.

The only limit is your imagination. (Although Pinterest is usually brilliant if you need inspiration)

Equally, writing can be incredibly therapeutic.

Just like a novel can immerse us in worlds beyond belief, move us, thrill us and educate us... so too can writing.

Our words connect us to the topics we love.

Keeping a nature journal will help you feel closer to nature.

6. Join nature groups

Not only will this help you make new friends and connect with others with similar interests, it can also give you lots of ideas and fun nature ideas you can do from home.

Outdoor Mums has local groups in nearly every area in the UK. Why not join your local group and meet new friends.

7. Read a nature book

There are so many incredible books showcasing the natural world.

Everything from parenting outdoors, science, art, geography and natural history. Sit back, read and relax.

“A book is a garden, an orchard, a storehouse, a party, a company by the way, a counselor, a multitude of counselors.”

8. Start a natural object collection.

One of my favourite belongings in my home, is my radiator bowl filled with collection of pinecones, sea glass, acorns, driftwood, shells precious rocks and fossils.

Nature provides an incredible abundance of treasures.

I enjoy collecting items when I'm out about to use later for crafts. But the special ones stay in my bowl and remind me of the special days out. Each one brings back a fond memory, helping me to reconnect with the outdoors.

9. Essential oils and a candle lit bath (or shower).

Take time to relax in the bath and meditate. It will help you de-stress.

Connecting with all four natural elements; Earth/stone (tiles) Water, Fire (candles ) and Air (essential oils).

This can help ground you and connect with you with your natural senses.

10. Watch a documentary.

There are so many insightful nature themed shows to enjoy.

Explore the Arctic tundra, or treck the Sahara dunes. Dive into oceans and learn about animals from every corner of the planet. Find out how trees grow and where food comes from.

All without leaving your sofa!

So, that's it that's my list!

Hopefully it’s helped dispel the myth that you always need to be in nature to enjoy it.

Are there any ideas you would add?

How do you connect with nature at home?

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