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Children Sledding in Snow


From humble beginnings, Outdoor Mums was established in 2018; a lone Facebook group, that aimed to help families share their love of outdoors and connect with the natural world. 

It quickly expanded into a vibrant community, where families could  share their adventures, favourite locations & outdoor activities, seek advice, encourage and support one another.

With more and more families wanting to create something equally special for their area, the local groups were born, with an incredible team of facilitators from all around the U.K. supporting local families, enabling them to connect and enjoy the outdoors together.

Realising she was onto something, Outdoor Mums’ founder, Emily, wondered how she could give back to the Community and she applied for CIC status, so that Outdoor Mums could help to fund nature and outdoor-inspired community projects. In 2020, Outdoor Mums were granted this status.

Outdoor Mums has continued to strive to support the community through outdoor events, fundraising challenges, live Zoom sessions and ‘Operation Outdoors’.

Outdoor Mums now have over 10,000 members! Every day, the members’ words, photos and stories continue to inspire them to grow and create unique community projects, to pay forward the joy the community brings.

Core Values

💛Community, Connection & Compassion 💛Respectful Eco living & custodianship of nature 💛Wisdom & Integrity 💛Adventure💛Optimism


The aims of Outdoor Mums CIC are to:

* Bring together Mums & Children from across the U.K. to share and foster a love for the outdoors and nature, thereby encouraging Mums & Children to become custodians of nature and the environment;
* Help Mums to find peers with whom to enjoy the outdoors, thereby reducing social isolation; 
* Reach Mums & their Children who do not ordinarily spend much time outdoors and create activities accessible to all, irrespective of social/financial means and positively involving Mums experiencing some level of poverty;
* Educate on the benefits of the outdoors for Mums & Children;
* Action our ‘Operation Outdoors’ fundraising project goals (see below) 
Operation Outdoors 
Our primary fundraising goals & outcomes:  

🍄Outdoor kits & books full of nature activities for children’s wards, hospices and family refuges - bringing the outdoors in.

🍄Funding outdoors trips for those in need (referral scheme), accessible beach and forest schools.

🍄Reaching disadvantaged families and children.

🍄Supporting families to overcome barriers to the outdoors.

🍄Free outdoor themed resources for all.

🍄Environmental awareness activities, ie tree planting, beach cleaning etc. 

🍄Support Outdoor Ed businesses and provide platform to promote them.

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